From Gezer… I just had the chance to talk to Jonathan for few minutes and they were ready to fly from Manila to Tacloban The last 30 hours the team stayed in Manila where Rich and Marla from OC International are . Thats where the school is located and while there they stayed at the guest house at the compound.

Now the team is flying again to Tacloban Where most of their mission will be showing God’s love through cleaning and rebuilding the city destroyed by the typhoon probably until Friday the 25th. They will be staying in a compound where they will be joining with another mission organization.

From Jonathan:

“Something that we have had the theme of – we are here to see the affect, not just for the effect.”
It’s super awesome to see that even here the kids from our team are fantastic, they jumped right on in and started playing with the kids right outside the compound.
We got up early this morning and have arrived at the airport after another exciting van ride thru crazy traffic
Something that is new for every one is the road lines and all speed limit signs, they are posted all over, but they are more like “suggestions”  rules. So “everyone drives crazy here”
From Connie:
Good morning – after a great night of sleep we are ready to go. We had a wonderful day with Rich and Marla yesterday and we’re able to see the Faith Academy school they attend. Some of the kids went swimming and a group went to the orphanage.
No big surprise but the street kids love Madison – she has been playing basketball with the boys and they all grab her when picking their teams..our kids have been great at interacting with the kids in the streets and we are staying in a great place, next to all the street vendors – lots to see, smell and watch.
We have not had Internet at the mission as the typhoon took out all the power.  The food has been good but very limited,  we will for sure be loosing weight – Maddie has proved you can survive on beef jerky and water..”

As soon they get to Tacloban the contact with the team will be very limited. 

More later….