On Saturday morning we drove to some squatter homes  to distribute soup. When we got there we found kids lined up waiting for us with their bowls or cups. It was pouring rain like I never have seen. A lot of the kids were running around with only a smile on their face.. Oh, the freedom to run naked in the rain. We served soup in the rain and our team was amazing as they helped the small ones carry their piping hot soup back to their homes ( shacks).

We had extra soup so we drove to another area to distribute the rest. As we realized we were not going to have enough soup to feed everyone waiting, our team joined hands and prayed that God would multiply the soup. God choose not to multiply the soup and we were forced to turn people away. The look on a young mom’s face will stay with me for a long time – she came to the feeding with a large pitcher to get soup for her family – I had to wonder if they ate that day…..lunch back at KIM ( Kids International Ministry) was quiet for our team, we ate in silence, Natalie was not able to finish her rice and felt guilty and needed my permission to throw it away. I know we all will be more conscious of wasting food…

After lunch we did construction at KIM, we dug a trench line, laid pipe and filled the line. The rain stopped but the mud was insane.
We also worked picking rocks and weeds and leveling a large area that will be used for installing clothes lines.  We dug up clothing, glass, concrete and even found a Philipino identification card- thankfully no bodies – all due to the typhoon.  Our team is incredible – hard workers – you would be so proud!

After  bathing in the ocean ( we had no water most of the day) we all were asleep by 9:00.

Please pray as we drive today 4 hours – some of us will have to ride in the back of the truck with the luggage as we do not have enough room in the vans…

Now I get the title of Philippines novel writer…

Ashton McLaughlin

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Also, Pastor John and Bill Mulder already joined the rest of the team after having some issues with their passports in the USA.  Continue to pray for the group!

More later…..