We had the chance to talk to members of the team this morning and they are now in Guiuan, a small island in Philippines by the Pacific Ocean. they will be doing a lot of rebuilding for the next few days.

“….day 2 is complete, we have made a lot of head way building today. We finished all the foundations for the houses we have going at the site.  Half of the roof went up on the first house this afternoon. Very excited!” – member of the construction team

The medical team has been extremely busy as well. Day 1 had them out till very late seeing people that were coming to us.

Day 2 took us to a school where we saw all sorts of things, from children to women nursing their young. Its amazing to see it all.”

“I am still floored by the amount of devastation that has come upon Guiuan even almost 8 months after the typhoon, it still looks like it just happened last week. Being here on the ground reminds me of the photos that I see from Haiti, or Hurricane Katrina, the devastation just goes on and on and on…. I wish we were here longer to be able to help all the people that need it…but where to start?” – Jonathan

We have gotten to experience poverty at its very worst.

The church has blessed us with amazing and wonderful food.

People continue to show love and hope despite the pure destruction they have had come upon them.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for members of the team struggling with minor health problems.