It is easy to focus our study of the Bible on the New Testament. The New Testament contains principles for living. However, we can easily get lost in the stories of the Old Testament. It is often difficult to determine how the story of an Old Testament character can apply to our life in the Twenty-First Century. Although it may be difficult to see the connection between Old Testament characters and our lives, there is much that we can learn.

Old Testament characters give us examples to follow (or not). We can learn a great deal from the actions and reactions these characters displayed. Although we may not be called to build an ark to save the world or wander through the wilderness like the Israelites, we face the same struggles and are called to the same obedience as Noah or the people of Israel.

We can also learn much about the character of God as we see the interactions they had with God. The Old Testament narratives remind us of God ís grace, mercy, holiness, and many other characteristics He exhibits.

The Old Testament points us to Christ and His sacrifice for our sins. In the pages of the Old Testament we find our need of a Savior and God ís promise of the provision He would provide through Christ. We can be encouraged that God has provided the sacrifice for our sins and that the prophecies given about the coming Messiah have been fulfilled in Christ. His faithfulness also gives us confidence in the prophecies concerning End Times that were given in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is vital in our understanding of God and our relationship with Him. Make sure to spend time learning the lessons that we can garner from the interactions between God and the people described in the Old Testament.

Pastor John