Many things can bring about fear in our life, but fear of fishing is probably not one.  The greatest fear that I have faced connected with fishing took place when I was in high school.  I decided to cut across a field to go back to my vehicle after fishing on McDorkle Creek (the name has been changed to protect the identity of a good fishing hole where even I could catch fish).  As I was crossing the field I realized that there was a bull in the field.  My anxiety grew rapidly and I made it across the field and over the fence in a hurry.  Other than that, I don’t remember many fears I faced while fishing.

We can face great fear when fishing for men. Fear is the greatest reason people don’t share their faith. The disciples faced the same struggle. Matthew 26:56 tells us that when Jesus was arrested, they all fled.  Shortly after that, Peter denied that he had any association with Jesus not just once, but three times.  Fear controlled their action – or lack thereof.

In contrast, just weeks later the disciples were willing to die for Christ.  What made the difference?  Acts 4 gives us insight into the change that took place.  First, they recognized God was in control.  They understood the trial and crucifixion of Christ was part of God’s plan.  They also realized God was active.  They saw Him at work in and around them.  Finally, they grasped the fact that God desired to use them to fulfill His purpose.  A powerful, active God wanted to use them!  These three realizations caused them to overcome their fear and share their faith with a world that needed Christ.

In order to overcome our fear, we must realize these same three things.  When we understand God is in control, active, and desires to use us, it will be much easier to share Christ and become a fisher of men.

Pastor John
email: johnf@hannaford.org