Some songs just capture me.  The first time I ever heard Chris Tomlin’s song “Love ran red”, I was caught up by God’s Spirit and had to stop to worship Him for the amazing love Jesus displayed on the cross.  I was overwhelmed by the thought of His precious blood flowing out in “real love” for me, so I thought it would be a great thought for our upcoming worship gathering. We are rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day when most of us are thinking about doing special things for the ones we love and adore, so why not shower our affections on the author of love and life?

I want to invite you to come and worship God and experience His magnificent love for you next week on Wednesday February 10th at 7:00 in the Fellowship Room.  And not just to experience His love, but to be transparent and show extravagant love to Him as well.  Hallmark cards, flowers, and fancy chocolates may be the way to win a few extra points with the special people in our lives, but God desires is all we have and all we are…our hearts.

My hope and prayer is that young and old will join hearts and voices together for a little more than an hour to thank Jesus for His love that ran red so that our sins could be washed white.  Because of His great love we can love, we are forgiven and free, and we have purpose and reason to praise! Hope to see you there! Pastor Josh