As children each one of us dreamed of being a superhero.  We imagined what super powers we would want and how we could save the world.  Children may wear a cape and pretend to fly – or maybe take it to the extent of jumping off the monkey bars and attempting to really fly (until gravity takes control).

However, as we grow, our imagination concerning super powers dims.  It is reality.  Our goal  turns from saving the world to survival.  Our goals shrink and our dreams die.  We also realize our faults and weaknesses.  We allow the kryptonite of our lives to control us.

God has a different idea.  He desires that we look past ourselves and our weaknesses to trust in His power to change the world.  Hebrews 11 (sometimes called the Hall of Faith or Faith Chapter) lists some great accomplishments by some Old Testament heroes.  The key was not the super power of these superheroes, but rather ordinary people being used by an extraordinary God.  It is the same extraordinary God that wants to use us to do extraordinary things.

Join us beginning this Sunday, April 3 as we look at some stories of ordinary people being used by an extraordinary God.  We will see how God used them and how God desires to use us.