JOIN US, Wednesday, September 20th @ 6:30 PM

Worhsip Night @ Hannaford, Sept. 20thDo you ever feel like you don’t really get much out of or that you are disconnected from God in worship? You are not alone…we all experience dry seasons when God doesn’t seem close or there’s someone or something crowding out His presence in our life. We live in a high-paced, self-centered, and cynical culture and often we loose sight of the true “heart of worship”. It’s when we realize that worship isn’t about us or for us in the first place that we can really begin to understand its purpose and meaning in our lives.

This Wednesday night we’ll be joining the youth group at 6:30 where you will have an opportunity to be refreshed and hopefully gain a greater perspective about what it means to come back to the heart of worship. We have chosen to take your song requests and will also be joining in times of prayer, reflection on God’s word, and creating space to just “be”. I hope to see you there!

Grace be with you,
Pastor Josh