Hannaford is a caring church. Most of us have friends, relatives, or co-workers who do not have a relationship with the Lord. We intend to speak to them someday. We hope that they will hear about the love of Jesus, someday. We have an idea that may bring them to salvation, someday.

Thiback to church sundays Sunday is National Back To Church Sunday which provides a great opportunity to invite them to church. They will hear a message about how to receive eternal life. In addition, breakfast will be served from 8:30 to 10:30.

All God asks of us is to ask, share, or invite people to hear about Jesus. We are not responsible for their response, simply responsible to share Jesus in any way we can. This may be the easiest way to do that.


  • Last Sunday the church elected John Bushnell as a new Elder for Hannaford.
  • We have determined that our Worship Pastor candidate from last Sunday is not yet prepared for a task of this magnitude. Pray that God will send the right one to us.
  • Our annual Bible Conference is on September 29 & 30. This is for all; our speakers are Matt Heard; comedian, Bob Stromberg; and Pastor Jeff Valentine. Don’t miss this opportunity for a spiritual boost.
  • Home Groups: Beginning October 5 through November 16, we will preach a series of messages with correlating lessons for Home Groups. Plan to participate with your Home Group.