First Impressions Ministry

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What makes us return to our favorite restaurant or store?  For most of us, it’s the first impression we get when we go there, right?  Enter the First Impressions Ministry.  Here at HSBC, we want to go out of our way to make visitors feel welcome.  Like they are coming into our homes and we are the hosts! 

Our team vision is to create an atmosphere of warmth and personal welcome providing a “safe” environment for people to take their next step toward Christ.  We want to create WOW moments from the time a person enters and have our visitors talking all week about how great they were treated, how organized the church was, and how they think it’s the best church experience they’ve ever had!

If you feel like God has gifted you to interact with and make a good impression to those coming to HSBC, we would love to get you involved in this ministry.  Please contact Pastor Joshua Dickey (Worship Pastor) at 449-2273 ext 25 or Linda Miller (Ministry Coordinator) at 458-3876 for more information.