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Part 1 in Uganda

We were welcomed so warmly at the airport by Jackson and Moses after our long plane flights. Taken to hotel nearby to refresh before dinner. We travel in our safari bus with all our luggage. See photo.

Dinner at Jackson’s uncle house with relatives. All food was set on the table as we arrived and ready to have us eat. French fries, rice, pork meat, peas and vegetable salad.

This morning it’s hot and sunny as we leave our hotel after a good nights sleep. Lines of motorcycles between the cars and trucks. Very clean and tidy in Kigali and no trash.

Lots of people walking along road as we travel.  Very clean, green hills and flowering trees.  Again little trash. People pushing loads on bicycles and many small children running along. We have been traveling for hours along a scenic windy road. We can see two inactive volcanoes in the distance.

We are blessed to see this beautiful country as we travel to Uganda. No rain and sunshine at lunch.

Long days of travel by plane and then driving until 9 pm tonight.  We have just met Nathan and the team here at our hotel.



This is the Sakila, Tanzania, headquarters of the International Evangelism Outreach, headed by Bishop Eluidi Issangya. As an RN I work with New Hope International Hospital, the medical arm of the IEO.  My first trips to Tanzania, starting in 2009, we did medical work out of a two room storage building on the IEO campus. We worked two weeks, every two years. In 2014, after several years of planning and construction, the Sakila International Clinic was opened.

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Brazil 2017

DATES:  June 14 – June 24th 2017

LOCATION:  Dourados, MS, Brazil

PURPOSE:  Work with local church to serve indigenous tribes and participate in evangelism in public schools.