It is easy for believers to forget that God does not overlook our actions. We often attempt to deceive our mate if we do something we would rather they not know. There are times when we act one way at work and another way at home.

When Cain tried to fool God after he killed Abel, his countenance betrayed his actions. The Bible is very clear that each one of us will give an account of our actions when we stand before Christ (Ecc. 12:4, II Cor. 5:10). We can’t fool God. That thought should be branded in our minds.

Take the time to read Psalms 139:7-12. The regret that we would like to avoid will come at the judgment. When God reviews our actions on earth, I believe regret will haunt us.

What should we do to reduce regret? The Bible says, “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin” James 4:17. As believers, the Holy Spirit lives in us. He will stir our conscience to do the right thing and to avoid displeasing behavior. That’s when we know we should do right.

If we listen, obey, and change the wrong and do the right, even if it is inconvenient, we will reduce regret at the final judgment. Instead of regret, we will receive reward.

Pastor Crosby

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