A New Leader

Pastor John Fenlason October 20, 2017 The Story

This Weeks Text – Joshua 1:1-9


  1. What promises did God give to Joshua when He asked Joshua to lead the Israelites (Joshua 1:2-6)?
  2. What did God mean when He told Joshua that he would prosper and have success (Joshua 1:8)?
  3. Joshua was given an incredible challenge.  What challenges are you currently facing? Are you being strong and courageous?
  4. Joshua 23 and 24 shares the success that Joshua had.  Read Joshua 24:12-15.  How does that passage encourage and challenge you?
  5.  Next week’s story includes the time of the judges.  These men and women stepped in because the Israelites struggled with a crazy cycle.  When things went well they turned from God and chose their own path.   God would have to bring in an enemy to defeat them and then they would finally turn back to Him.  This cycle repeated itself many times.  In what areas of your life do you find that you get caught in that crazy cycle?

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