A Powerful Prayer

Pastor John Fenlason January 19, 2018

Reflect:  Spend time this week considering these thoughts and questions.

1. Assyria conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  Why did God allow His people to be conquered?  What does that teach us about our relationship with God?  (see II Kings 17:1-14)

2. Read II Kings 18:1-6.  What characteristics and actions brought Hezekiah to the forefront as a man of God?

3. Hezekiah began his prayer with a focus upon the power of God (II Kings 19:14).  Why is that an important foundation when we pray?

4. Describe the elements of Hezekiah’s prayer found in II Kings 19:14-19.

5. Next week we are going to read about the Southern Kingdom’s fall.  What does that teach us about God’s discipline (see Hebrews 12:3-11)?

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