The Odd Couple

Pastor John Fenlason October 27, 2017 The Story

Reflect: (Take time during the week to consider the following questions and apply the principles of God’s Word to your life.)

The Israelites struggled with a crazy cycle.  When things were going well they would forget about God.  Then God would have to send an enemy in to overpower them.  Finally, when things got bad, they would ask for forgiveness and God would send a judge (deliverer) to rescue them.  However, when things were once again running smoothly, they would forget about God and the cycle would begin again.  How can your life resemble the cycle of the Israelites?

God encouraged Gideon when he felt weak and helpless.  How does God encourage us when we battle those same thoughts?

Samson’s strengths became weaknesses when he relied upon his own power to handle situations.  In what areas of your life do you face that same struggle?

The cycle of the Judges would begin again with each new generation.  What are some things that we can do to prepare the next generation to follow God?

Next week we will examine the faith of a foreign woman named Ruth.  Ruth and her mother-in-law faced extremely difficult circumstances.  But in the middle of the struggle they experienced the grace of God.  Think about a time when you experienced God’s grace in the middle of a hard time.

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