2018 Fall Small Group Studies


Colossians & Philemon
Colossians/Philemon focuses strongly on Christ and His relationship to the church, placing great emphasis on the glory of Christ. In this epistle, Paul offers an understanding of Christ’s nature and His relationship to believers personally and to the church corporately. Paul’s letter addresses many aspects of the Christian life then and now: prayer and thanksgiving, legalism, reconciliation, service, behavior and attitudes, and relationships at home and at work.

A Life Beyond Amazing
This video series by Dr. David Jeremiah studies the fruit of the Spirit.  God desires that we have an amazing life in relationship with God and others.  We are called to have the traits described in
Galatians 5:22-23 that will provide for us a life beyond amazing.

Parental Guidance Required
A study for parents from Andy Stanley and Reggie Joiner.  Parents with children of all ages must ask the right questions in order to help assess their family needs and ensure that the influence that they have will last a lifetime.

Financial Peace University
Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson, money-management class that will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more. The accountability and motivation you receive from discussing the lessons and meeting with people face-to-face is the key to changing your life!  For more information, visit http://www.financialpeace.com.

Prison Epistles
Paul wrote several of his letters to individuals and churches while in prison.  These letters share valuable principles which can guide our lives as we strive to honor God.  This study will examine the principles that are found in these letters and will encourage participants in their journey with God.

Encounters with God:  John
This in-depth study by Henry Blackaby includes an introduction to the gospel of John; explanations and interpretations of the text; story illustrations; related Bible verses; questions for reflection; and life applications.  As a member of Jesus’ most intimate circle of friends, John underscores Jesus’ divine nature, heavenly origin, and His power. John’s writings include Jesus’ seven “I am” statements that describe His identity, the seven signs that reveal His divinity, and the love that Jesus embodies.

why not now?
A video-based study by Mark Matlock and Christopher Lyon, contains several examples of young people who were willing and able to do extraordinarily difficult things with their lives for God. Teens will study stories from the young lives of Miriam, Joseph, David, Solomon, Daniel, and Mary to find out why and how they said yes to God’s call on their lives. Teens will discover that God can use their lives to do something that matters.

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Small Group Times and Locations

Beginning September 23rd

Sunday @ Hannaford
HSBC Adult Small Groups
9:00am Parental Guidance Required
Leader: Clay Burkett
(begins October 7th)

10:30am Prison Epistles
Led by Ed Fenlason & Otto Hoogendyk

Leader:  John Fenlason
(begins September 30th)

Youth Small Group @ Hannaford
9:00am why not now?
Leader: Gezer Garcia

6:30pm A Life Beyond Amazing
Leader:  Josh Dickey
Helena North Valley location

6:00pm Colossians & Philemon
Leader:  Matt Olson
Highway 12 west area

6:30pm A Life Beyond Amazing
Leader:  Mike Price
Helena North Valley location

6:30pm Colossians & Philemon
Leader:  Andy Metroka
Canyon Ferry Lake area

6:30pm Financial Peace University
Leader:  Kurt Ault
Hannaford Street Bible Church

6:30pm  Encounters with God:  John
Leader:  Clay Burkett
Helena Valley Location


Contact us if you would like to join a Small Group in your area