The Conservative Baptist Church began meeting in the labor temple located at 110 North Warren in Helena on July 17, 1954 under the leadership of Rev. William F. Templin.  On October 27, 1955, the name of the church was changed to Bible Baptist Church; incorporation papers were filed with the Secretary of State on April 2, 1957.  The building located at 6th and Dakota was purchased by Marvin Kalland, a member of the church.  The Kallands allowed the congregation to hold services in their home from October 27, 1955 until the church moved to its new home on 6th and Dakota in Helena on May 20, 1957.  Rev. William F. Templin pastored the church until October 8, 1956.

Bible Baptist Church met at 6th and Dakota from May 20, 1957 until June 1966.  Pastor Leroy Cook, who came to the church on March 20, 1957, continued to pastor the church until April 3, 1960.
Rev. Faye Garner was called as Pastor on May 15, 1960 and continued his ministry until January 30, 1963.  Pastor Eugene W. Ferrin answered the call of Pastor on April 3, 1963 and led the church for several years.




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On July 2, 1965, land was purchased on the corner of Missoula Avenue and Hannaford Street.  In October 1965, Bible Baptist Church began building the church located at 830 North Hannaford Street.  Marvin Kalland designed the church building and the addition constructed in 1977.  It was an ambitious endeavor for a small church; approximately one year later the building was finished enough to allow the congregation to meet there.  Finishing work on the church continued for some years.

Pastor Ferrin served as Pastor until November 25, 1971.  In 8-1/2 years, he had seen many changes for Bible Baptist Church, including construction of the parsonage at 1814 Missoula Avenue.  In December 1971, Albert Pearson was called as Pastor, and he filled the pulpit from January 3, 1972 until his retirement on March 26, 1983.  An activity building was constructed on the north entrance of the church in 1977.  This addition was used for AWANA for several years and as a Christian day school until 1981.

On August 1, 1983, Dick Crosby answered the call of pastor, and he served as pastor until 2016. The congregation grew and brought a need for remodeling and additional space. Basement classrooms were enlarged, and the activity building was  divided into separate rooms for meeting rooms & offices for church staff.

On September 14, 1985, 3 lots west of the church were purchased, and construction of a large addition was completed in 1988.  This addition was originally to be used as a new activity building; however, it is now our worship center.  Another change for the church occurred on December 11, 1988.  The name was changed to Hannaford Street Baptist Church. In 1998, our name was changed to Hannaford Street Bible Church.

Pastor John Fenlason joined the pastoral staff at Hannaford in 1991 as Associate Pastor.  In addition, he led the Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Worship Ministry for several years and served as Associate Pastor until September 2016, when he became the Senior Pastor.

We are still meeting at 830 North Hannaford Street. Our facilities have grown and changed with the needs of the church and as the congregation grows.